wdt_IDLenderFixed Rate 3 YearFixed Rate 5 YearFixed Rate 7 YearFixed Rate 10 YearFloating Rate
1Bank of America Merrill Lynch3.76%3.80%3.85%3.96%4.08%
3Chase - McDonald's Finance3.79%3.84%3.90%4.01%3.86%
4Citizens Bank3.98%3.96%3.97%4.01%4.01%
5SunTrust Bank3.74%3.83%3.94%4.08%3.81%
6Synovus Bank3.59%3.63%3.74%3.84%4.15%
7US Bank3.69%3.73%3.85%4.02%3.86%
8Wells Fargo3.85%3.89%3.96%4.05%3.96%

Rates are current at time of posting, but are subject to change without notice.

wdt_IDLenderContact Information for Current Rates
1Citizens BankRich Feilteau, Richard.feilteau@citizensbank.com, 617.515.4100
3PNC BankDale Mancuso, dale.mancuso@pnc.com, 312.384.4646
4Wintrust/Highland Park BankLori Christensen, lchristensen@wintrust.com
5Regions BankPlease contact Regions Bank directly.
6Synovus BankDan Hagaman, danhagaman@synovus.com, 404.642.4997

Last Update: 1/21/2020